Piano Instructor


Galen Clark has been playing piano since the age of 5. As a composer, his music explores a range of folk, classical, jazz, soul, hip hop, funk and world music with many influences including Chopin, Nina Simone, Jim Hendrix and Thelonious Monk. He leads the the internationally touring, genre bending soul jazz group Trio Subtonic which released their most recent album 'Fiction' on Ropeadope Records in 2016. 

Galen has been teaching piano for over 12 years in the Portland area. He received a BA in Music Composition from Lewis & Clark College where he studied with Randy Porter and Forrest Pierce. After undergrad he spent several months studying Brazilian music in Bahia, Brazil. He has also studied with jazz greats John Medeski and Jeff Gardner. Galen is a frequent collaborator with many notable NW musicians including Dan Balmer, D'Vonne Lewis, Damian Erskine, Tyrone Hendrix, Carlton Jackson and Trio Subtonic bandmates Russ Kleiner and Bill Athens.

As a teacher, Galen's goal is to adapt lessons to his students' individual learning style while still maintaining a strong focus on theory, reading and technique.  He curates lessons so that students have fun studying the material and still learn important fundamentals using a wide variety of repertoire from Bach to the Beatles.

Outside of music, Galen spends his time traveling and getting into the outdoors.