Office Manager

Violin & Piano Instructor


David Mixer began studying the violin at the age of five, wanting to be like his older sibling who had begun to play the same instrument. His parents were concerned that he would accidentally break the instrument, so they purchased a toy violin made of plastic as a Christmas gift for him. Eventually a real violin was given, and once he was enrolled in weekly lessons, David started to move forward in his musical studies.  

At ten years of age David added piano lessons, and a few years later he began to study composition with Dr. Kevin Walczyk and Larry Johnson. These multiple areas of interest in music led him to the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific, where in 2012 he graduated with honors with a degree in music composition.

More than anything else, David enjoys teaching. In 2017 David returned to Portland after spending two years teaching English and music at a private kindergarten in South Korea. He feels strongly that music enhances quality of life, and endeavors to inspire musical creativity and artistry in his students. Using his background in composition, he has helped students learn a range of music, from traditional classical repertoire to Taylor Swift and Geometry Dash. 

Aside from music, David enjoys practicing yoga and can often be found holed up in a coffee shop with a book.